The Traveling Mouse Circus!

I’m happy to introduce you to the newest members of my entourage; mice!

These are my mice:

  • Jeremiah
  • Silver Moon
  • Binzy
  • 8 Babies

But, these are no ordinary mice. They’re highly trained, professional circus mice! They love cheese and nuts and pretty much everything you give them. (Except Jeremiah, he’s picky!) Jeremiah and the rest come from Reptropolis, a reptile shop that sells mice as well! I also have built an agility course for them with hurdles, hoops, and a tight rope!

Binzy, shown here, is trained in agility and loves people! (and cheese!)Binzy

Silver Moon, the mama of the 8 babies is not yet trained but great with kids!Silver Moon

And last but not least, Jeremiah, who is a sweet little boy and is having children with Binzy! (He also likes to do command tricks!)


All of these mice were originally planned to be involved in my genetics project for school, but as of now I have decided to keep and train them as my pets and to share them with you! Book a party with the mice today!

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