Tasha the White’s Tree Frog

Tasha is a white’s tree frog, or dumpy frog. She has 20 toes, two eyes, and a great big smile! Her favorite food is crickets, which she gulps down greedily!

Tasha the Dumpy Frog

Tasha the Dumpy Frog

What I love about Tasha is that she’s always willing to come out and loves kids! She’s always hopping about and brings much excitement everywhere she goes! Dumpy frogs live in Australia in the rain forests. They make great pets for kids because of their low care requirements and hardiness. It is a rather large tree frog, maxing out at about 4.5 inches long. They can be either green, brown, or blue and can sometimes change between the three. Their average lifespan is about 16 years-a long time for a frog! Tasha is about 4 years old right now, so she has a long way to go! Another amazing trait that these frogs have is that they can control the amount of moisture in their skin. When threatened they emit a high shriek or distress call.

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