Today I will be talking about my little friend Daniella. She is an Australian giant rainforest mantis and is a baby right now. She feeds on fruit flies, cockroaches, and crickets. Daniella is very sweet and loves to come out and run around on your hand.Image

Praying mantids are unusual insects with limbs that in a position that resembles praying, hence the name. They are strictly insectivorous and will take on insects much larger than themselves. Please ask any questions in the comments below!

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  1. These creatures have always fascinated me. There appears to be some thought process going on in that head. One example I observed was that when an item of prey ran behind an object, the mantis always knew to anticipate it coming out the other side.

    When it runs onto your hand, does yours always walk towards your face?.


    • Great observation, and yes, she does seem to run towards my face. Even more so, though, she likes to be as tall as she can and as high in the “trees” as she can, so she also likes to climb up my face onto my head :3. Thanks for the comment, very thoughtful!

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